North Korean Television Coverage of Kim Jong Il in China

Wow.  Thanks to Curtis Melvin at North Korean Economy Watch for unearthing this.

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  1. Admit it, Adam: compared to the lives of North Korean academics, yours is dull and colorless, is it not?
    This is what a Voice of Korea reporter found when accidentally dropping into the Kim Il Sung University’s fitness compound:

    Entering the fitness room with a pleasant frame of mind, I found some old professors using various sporting facilities for fitness. I met an elderly woman lecturer who seemed to have just finished swimming. She said:
    “I am Doctor and Associate Professor Kung Yong Suk, Chief of a Department of the History Faculty of Kim Il Sung University. Wading and swimming in this pool, I am relieved of my mental fatigue and feel quite young. The fatherly leader Kim Jong Il had this fine swimming pool built in our university so that the old professors like me can do education and scientific researches better, with youthful spirit and passion. I will make redoubled efforts in the future for training of competent personnel so as to live up to his affection.”

    Be prepared to cry.

  2. This old professor still just at associate level. Crikey, he/she must have had a major career interruption such as a few years in a labour camp before being rehabilitated.
    Let this be a object lesson for you, Adam.
    History: The MOST dangerous discipline in the East. Strictly for those with cojones of titanium.
    The recent “History of the Communist Party of China (CPC)” Vol 2 was published after 16 years of painstaking editing, a senior official historian said.
    I dont think I will be alive to read Vol 3 however, as it has to first deal with the TS incident before it proceeds to wax eloquent about the economic rise and rise of the PRC under the wise guidance of the ……….
    One off-narrative pratfall. Lets not even think about the consequences. Redeployment to Guizhou Community College of Hairdressing.
    Good one, JR.

      • I really miss passing thru airports, dodging the Mormons in the HK waiting area, but am Oz bound these days.
        The platform I use is totally rotten and have to move to WordPress sooner or later.
        I never been to a horse race in my life, but racing metaphors just permeate the language here . Similar to American football metaphors in US political punditry. You can lay a lot of the blame for that at the feet of Richard Milhouse Nixon and Hunter S Thompson.
        That’s why I couldn’t resist the Fine Cotton races In Wuhan entry.
        Continue to enjoy.

  3. Everything is so wrong with that VoKorea story. For example, if the reporter really never met Kung Yong Suk before, she should have had a namecard for him in her bikini.

    WordPress is easy to handle, KT. The sooner you move, the better.

  4. I recently stumbled across the “Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things” tumblr (thanks in part to Ask Rhod Gilbert, a British panel show that often references the “dear leader”), and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite websites ever! There’s this one particular picture of the guy just drooling over a corn cob, decked out in his sunglasses and Russian ushanka…I literally laughed out loud the first time I saw it.

    Anyway, I wish I could understand the above video, but it’s some good footage, nonetheless.

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